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New video is out now!

Hello All. It feels like ages since I last posted a video. This one is not 737-related but demonstrates how to build my Helicopter collective design. This was an excellent build for me and took over five years in the making. It started as an idea in my tiny shed in Brunei. Along came a pilot to help improve the design to where it is now.

I don't believe I have seen helicopter controls anywhere that represent this level of operation. Especially as these parts are all 3d printed. Sit back and let your printer do the majority of the work. On a few bearings, a stepper motor and hall sensor are required.

It's so much fun to fly with these controls. Setting the difficulty to maximum, sit in the cockpit and try to keep all the controls in sync. It's so much harder than just using a joystick and power lever. There is something about the level of satisfaction when you nail the controls, and the helicopter does what you ask it.

It's a big build, and there are some considerable forces involv