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The 737 MCP KD2 replacement is here!

Hello from Cornwall, UK. Over the last two weeks, I have been trying to perfect the MCP Korry for the new 737SS (single Seat) MCP.

This turned out to be more complicated than I ever expected, or my standards have just gotten slightly too high. I may have become obsessed with perfection. During this process, I hit 47 test prints. Fine-tuning the design by 0.1mm each time until I found the correct focal length of the LEDs, so there were now bright spots in the button during last the same time, ensuring there was no light bleed between the two colour halves.

The real breakthrough on these was, of course, using the laser, but hen also using resin printed parts to produce something that looks like it was mass manufactured. The resin prints provide the ultimate glossy smooth finish, and with my new high-resolution resin printer, the tolerances can come down to almost nothing.

As mentioned earlier, these are designed for my V7 MCP. I can't believe I have made that many over the years. But this time, moving away from the KD2 switches and having dual colour Korrys. The upper text can be lit in white and dimmed as required. My initial thought is that this upper section does not require a connection to an Arduino, just a 12v dimming circuit. The lower function led in green is then controlled by the Arduino, as are the two 6x6x7 tactile Led buttons.

I have added these new products to the shop to help other sim builders. There are a few options depending on the route you want to take.

First is just the laser-etched lenses for the MCP. All 14 are available online. One option is to purchase the resin printed cases, while a third option allows all depending on your preference and budget.

These physical products can be found here in the webshop:

If you only want the CAD and STL files to print at home, they can be found here:

I am trying to make the parts readily and cheaply available to all. I am avoiding producing complete units, as this would be too time-consuming for a single guy in his shed, along with producing all my other products.

Another option is for those who want to use this design on other aircraft or parts. You can now have custom lenses created as the basic design is set. You are limited to lines of text with a maximum of 7 characters per line. This is because the text becomes too small to read, and the clarity is significantly reduced.

Each button utilises two 6x6x7mm tactile led switches and an M3 x 4mm grub screw.

I have also completed the standard replica 737 annunciators (Korry 318) with the press to test function. I'll leave that for another day to add. But I will also be using these in the 737SS.

That's all for now, Good luck with your sim builds, Kind regards, Karl

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These look really great! Do you have a recommendation regarding resin to print these parts?


Feb 24, 2023

Hi Karl!

I've been away due to life™, and just checked in. First of all, welcome back to Europe, these buttons look great! I'm looking forward to continuing my build as soon as life™ makes it possible. ;P


Hi Karl

You've done stellar work with these.

Question, would you consider releasing an alternative MCP STL with the text removed to accommodate these switches?


Unknown member
Jan 31, 2023

Is everybody seeing the entire CAD design or is it just me? I'm only seeing the inner body and switches.


Karl have you tried latching switches with your Korry design? They look great btw.

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