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I've been working on improving this design for a while now, aiming to meet my high standards for release. After several weeks of prototyping and refining, I finally achieved a breakthrough when I switched from filament printing to resin prints. Through almost 50 different prints, I arrived at the final release. The resin prints offer a perfectly smooth finish, resulting in a smooth button press. Additionally, the tactile switches fit seamlessly into the back of the design. 


The newest version of this product has a custom PCB that simplifies assembly. Instead of using wires, there are two sets of header pins that connect the units. This gives the product a polished and streamlined appearance.


This Korry-type switch is similar to the KD2 switches I usually use for the MCPs, and the dimensions are very similar, but will not fit in the hole for KD2 switches. This button/switch offers two different colour LEDs without any light bleeding into the other led section. Two 6x6x7mm tactile led switches provide this dual colour function.  


This should make any DIY panel or MCP look fantastic, with the high-quality laser-etched text lit independently with the dual le