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The New FMC v4 is on the way!

Hello Everyone,

The v3 FMC has been the second most downloaded item on the site, with the DIY MCP being the first. Over the years, I have seen many people create a PCB for my design, which has been necessary for quite some time. Each PCB has its own set of issues and requirements. These have worked out well for many and saved countless hours of soldering. However, some of you have found this task too challenging, and I know many have yet to give up on the build.

This next version has taken over a year to create. Please read on if you want to win one of these FMC PCBs. Here is the glorious new FMC PCB v4:

This new design is incompatible with v3; this version has all the components already attached, including high-quality Alps buttons, LEDs, and an onboard Raspberry Pi Pico. The aim is to provide pre-programmed versions for Prosim and PMDG. It still uses the same 5" LCD screen as v3, but I opted for the dual VGA and HDMI driver board this time.

I have moved away from those cheap LED tactile switches and opted for the soft-press Alpine buttons and separate LEDs. The new switches have a better travel distance and a pro-touch feel to the design during operation.

Note: The picture shows the LCD onboard the PCB for testing purposes only. Due to cost restraints, the LCD will not be supplied.

Setting up this design is a breeze. You only need to solder the USB cable to the board and the 12v for the backlighting. That's just six soldered connections to get this board up and running. Please note that I may have to attach the USB to upload the data in the future.

Rest assured, I've dedicated the past week to ensuring the buttons are of the highest quality. After extensive testing, creating jigs, and preparing for mass production, I'm proud to offer them for sale along with the PCB. While slightly more expensive than the original, these buttons are now of a superior standard. Some of the attached pictures are from tests with soft silicone buttons, which unfortunately melted. However, the ABS buttons, shown in the green jig, came out the best.

Next up is the FMC frame. The Bambu did a fantastic job (in dark and light grey above), but I was blown away by how the resin print came out.

I don't think I can sell resin prints in mass due to the time required to print each one, which is a shame as the feel and quality are outstanding. If people require this solution, we may have to consult PCBway on mass production of the frames.

This design is almost ready for release, and I aim to release it after my return from the USA at the FSexpo event (around mid-July). You need to purchase the PCB to complete this design. To reduce the costs of the sim builder, I will release the STL build files for free. You still need the 5" Screen and USB cable to complete the design.

I have just given four of these PCBs to my Patreons, but if you would like to win one, all you have to do is drop a comment below to be entered.

I hope this design will be fantastic for everyone. It looks and feels amazing and is now such a simple build.

Kind Regards, Karl

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126 ความคิดเห็น

This is something fantastic!!! 😮


Looking forward to the release Karl. Well done mate!


Very nice! Looking forward to upgrading!


03 ก.ค.

I look forward to the day they are released.😀


Jason Trenholm
Jason Trenholm
01 ก.ค.

Looks fantastic would love to win one of these. i have already built the mcp and it is fantastic. thank you for all the hard work

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