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This radio panel is a culmination of nine years of CAD and PCB design, making it a top choice for most sims. Karl considers it one of his best designs and has taken great care to ensure it's easy to build. The DIY Kit includes all the necessary parts and is based on the Gables Radio tuning Panel. All the parts come pre-painted and ready for assembly. Only a small amount of soldering through hole components is necessary. It offers presets for VHF1, VHF2, VHF3, HF1, HF2, and AM.


Four replica Dzus fasteners are provided without the attachment screws. This is because the necessary screw length varies for each individual application. For reference, we use M4 x 14mm countersunk black screws. An Arduino or Break Out Board (Bob) is required to complete the project. 


The item is available for preorder, with only the 20mm screws left to complete the DIY kits.


Please Note: This item has not been proven with PMDG737 or X-Plane. 

737 Multi Panel Radio

PriceFrom £26.00
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