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This product includes both 3D printed and CAD files.


The design of the Boeing 737 Starter switch has been significantly improved with this simpler, stronger, and more compact design. I am happy to share it with you. Instead of an inductive load such as a solenoid, an MG90S micro servo (180-degree operation) is used for the return, which is a brilliant idea and a significant step forward (thanks to Mickey's Flightdeck). Now, we can replace the weak and high-current solenoids of previous designs with this switch design supported by a micro-servo. Please note that this switch requires you to depress the knob before turning it clockwise or anticlockwise. 


This design consists of six easy-to-print 3D parts, including the knob. They can be printed and assembled quickly. You will need some additional hardware, which can be found in the online build guide.


The unit can be attached to the panel using the same nut as the rotary switch, which is the imperial version that comes with most switches. Alternatively, you can attach the unit to the four attachment holes in the upper case assembly with M3 screws.


Please note that you will need Fusion 360 to edit this part. You can modify the CAD design to suit your SIM requirements. The design can be improved or inspected within Fusion. It was initially designed to replace the standard rotary switch, and the upper body has the same dimensions.


The attachment of the unit can be via the 12mm nut obtained from a rotary switch or you can use the Qty 4, outer oles to screw into. 

737 Start Switch Servo Operated

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