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This product is a follow-up product from the original B737 Warning and caution Lenses.

These are laser etched only. Ready for you to apply your wax or acyrilic paint, I would highly recommend a top coat of clear lacquer. This way, we can keep the price down to a bare minimum.

These annunciators can be used for various DIY 737 projects. We currently support the Fire Warning in red and the Master caution in two colours, orange or yellow, depending on your preference or Aircraft/Sim version.


Measuring 23mm x 23mm square by 3mm thick. 


Steps to completion:

1) Remove the text side protective film
2) Fill with a wax stick or acyrilic paint
3) Clean with alcohol and remove excess wax/paint
4) Apply Clear lacquer


The light diffusion and opaqueness of the lenses can be adjusted using white masking tape on the rear of the lens. This will help give an even glow to the unit, depending on your preference.

B737 DIY Annunciator Lens

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