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New webshop upgrades for the Boeing 737 Throttle *MTU

*MTU = Motorised Throttle Unit

The MTU has taken off this year, probably due to the 737DIYSIM discord channel. This can be found here for anyone wishing to join.

The support and MODS to this unit have been outstanding because of a specific few individuals. The mention goes to PIKI and Torsten, who have taken the unit to a much more advanced level with their mods. These Mods can be found in the Discord channel and downloaded as required.

I must also thank the moderators that run the channel from around the world. If you need answers to a Sim build question, these guys probably have it, or other sim builders may be building and stuck at the same point as you. It has turned out to be a great resource.

The first thing that has stood out in the group chat is the lack of high-quality decals. I created these for the FSweekend, but never got around to releasing them. I have now created a few sets for the webshop, which can be found here.

Despite creating them, the following product I have never added was the resin-printed knobs. All are engraved, ready to be painted, and wax filled.

Due to the cost increase, I have stayed away from producing finished knobs. This would make them much more expensive, and this was designed as a DIY build. They are unfinished but have been washed and cured with all the significant support and sanding completed. All that is left is the 600-grit sand, followed by paint application. They are silky smooth, and heavy.

The final mention and shout-out goes to Bjarne Bracke! This guy is a legend. He has gotten the MTU to work with PMDG. Not only has he shown it working in videos, but he has also created one of the most detailed step-by-step guides (18 Pages) I have ever seen! I have learned two things from this write-up:

1) I would have never known how to write the code to achieve this!

2) I now see why Prosim is so expensive. In just a few clicks, my MTU works without any additional software or coding.

This build guide can be found under the 737 build guides, but the original post can be found here.

It's been a fantastic month, and I have enjoyed seeing all your builds, feedback and suggestions on Discord. See you there if you fancy a chat!

Kind Regards, Karl

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I'm looking for STL-file of 737 Base Mod, which splits the base into two parts. The mentioned link on youtube ( does not work...

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