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YOU NEED FUSION360 AND A SAITEK THROTTLE TO COMPLETE THIS 3D PRINT! There are no dedicated STL files, and they need to be created from within the Fusion design.

3d prints of the components are selected by right-clicking the component you wish to print and save as STL.


Patreon Subscribers: It's free on PATREON download. 


Here, you will find my design for the 737 Saitek throttle modifications, as seen on my website and YouTube channel.


The unit features:

  • Operational Speed Brake Lever
  • Dual independent Thrust Levers
  • Dual independent Thrust reverser levers utilising potentiometers
  • Flap lever with gated guards
  • Bell cut-out switch
  • A/T Disenagage switches
  • TOGO switches
  • Operational detente Brake lever
  • Working Park Brake Light
  • Operational Fuel Cutoff Levers
  • Operational Stab Switches x 2


Parts List for electrical components included. Base on a Leobodnar Joystick card and Ardunio Mega.


This CAD design can be adapted to suit your sim's needs. It can also be improved or inspected within Fusion CAD.



3d Printable Saitek Throttle 737 MOD 1 & 2

    Pilot Spanner.jpg

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