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This file includes the design CAD files and STL FILES. 


It's taken months to produce this fully backlightable 3D-printed model of the 737 FMC. The unit was designed with as much detail as possible to make it stand out. Hundreds of buttons were printed to find the correct type that would work well and look good. The carry handle is a separate moving print to add to the authenticity. 


It's based around the Cheap 5" LCD available from eBay. Please ensure you get the driver board with your purchase as well.


Please check out the final build photos. The text is raised to allow actual liteflow performance (backlighting) and works amazingly with resin prints. This also works with filament prints, but the text is not as crisp. 


The parts can be printed on an Ender 3 bed, which requires a 220mm x 220mm bed size. The design is split into two parts to achieve this. There is also the single-piece version that can be printed on a bed size of 300 x 300 mm, like the CR10v3.


This design includes four different STL versions to suit your needs:


1) Embossed Text for filament printers

2) Engraved text version for filament printers

3) Embossed Text for resin printers

4) Engraved text version for resin printers


The files now include:

1) FMC Case

2) Cockpitsimparts Button Bases for their laser engraved inserts

3) 737DISYIM Button Basses for our Laser engraved inserts

4) The latest no-clip button bases for an even more straightforward build


Contact us through our FMC Discord channel for help if you have any issues.


This is a simple build, mainly consisting of a faceplate and backplate. There are lots of buttons to print! (69) The time-consuming part is wiring the tactile switches. Some may find this a little tricky. But this is it if you want a cheap working unit that can be built at home! 


Kind Regards Karl

3D Printed 737 FMC STL & CAD

    Pilot Spanner.jpg

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