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This product only contains STL files. Please see the other version if you require the CAD.


This product is fully designed to be 3D printed. It's a massive build (actual size) and my biggest 3D print yet, requiring a minimum print bed size of 300 x 300mm. It's sturdy and probably over-engineered, as there can be a lot of force exerted through a person's legs onto the unit.


It has a total of 3 axes:
1 x rudder axis
2 x brake axis

The interfacing can be easily achieved using an Arduino micro pro. I have included a lot of bearings to make the unit feel smooth and to help spread the load exerted between the parts. The pedals are supported by plastic and metal threaded rods to help share the loads.
The pedal position is fully adjustable forward and backwards by around 100mm. The pedal adjustment is achieved using the adjustment handle at the front of the unit, just like the actual aircraft. The pedal unit then rides a buggy assembly on six, 608 bearings hel