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This package has returned to the store after a surprising demand by email and forum posts. This package will allow all 737 designs to be downloaded. This includes all future 737 designs in both the dual (DS) and single-seat (SS) versions.


The files downloaded can be:


1) STL Print files

2) CAD design files for editing/CNC

3) DXF files for Laser machines

4) Plans and Guides


Please Note: This package does not contain physical products from the webshop.


All products that can be downloaded can be found here:


Once you make the purchase, Helen will provide you with a personal code which you can use to download any file from the collection. Due to time differences around the world, this process may take some time.


This package cost runs at around 10% of the cost to purchase all the items on the webshop individually. This price constantlyy changes as more inventory is added to the site. 


Builders with the All Stars Code (ASC) cannot download this package as you already have the access code that this item grants. Please use other shop items to obtain the individual items.

737 Complete Digital Package

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