This has been a massive undertaking, taking hundreds of hours to compile. Here you will find 201 pages of detailed guides and plans to build the 737 Overhead Structure. This has been one of the more difficult builds of the sim due to all the angles. I have tried to include as many drawings as possible to help you get it right.The eyebrow windows have been simplified for ease of build, but the 3d print or CNC versions in the free sections members download are interchangable. The plans are every part shown below. Constructed mainly in 3 parts; LHS, RHS & Centre Overhead. These are complete with the tools used, costings and materials. Please note, the individual electrical panels in the Aft Overhead Panel are not included in this document yet. However, all other panels such as the forward overhead, map lights, rope panels, bulb holder panels are all there. 

737 Overhead Guide & Plans


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