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I designed this with MSFS 2020 in consideration and therefore chose to use four microswitches as the operating devices. Programming is made effortless since each detent equates to a button press. When in position, these micro switches have a firm lever action, ensuring a reliable user experience.


To enhance the user experience, the unit incorporates a 6mm ball bearing under spring pressure. This creates a satisfying detent feel that surpasses that of the actual aircraft. The lever is spring-biased, ensuring the detents are always noticeable, and preventing any accidental overshoot of the intended position.


The faceplate of this unit appears slightly wider than the actual aircraft due to its 3D-printed operating mechanism. Nonetheless, when viewed as part of the complete instrument panel, it looks absolutely fantastic.


This document contains the CAD files which allows you to edit the design to your specification.  in addition STL format  3D print files necessary to construct the panel. It should be noted that this does not represent a tangible product and that you will be required to download the files to your 3D printer and personally construct and assemble the unit.



C172 Flaps Lever

    Pilot Spanner.jpg

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