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This panel was requested by a member of the site who could not find a cheap version on the internet.


Here is Karl's version. Measuring 135mm wide and 130mm high. This panel can be constructed by a 3d printer. Two versions of the faceplate are included for 3d printing, both an engraved and embossed version. For the first time, Karl has gone a little further and created a laser-etched panel to compliment the DIY build. This can be found in the Physical products shop:


If you already have a Laser machine, The DXF files are included in this download.


Karl spent a lot of time getting the lever mechanism to feel mechanical, rather than feeling like plastic printed parts. This is why extra 6mm ball bearings are required. Please check out the parts guide for all other components required for the build:



C172 Fuel Select Panel (FSP) CAD & STL

    Pilot Spanner.jpg

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