This is a compendium of all my various designs for the Boeing 737 dual yoke assembly that I have created in the last 6 months in one file. This is to simplify the download process with one file needed to create the complete unit. After several months of prototyping carried out by Patreons and customers, all the individual parts have now been thoroughly tested and modified to produce the latest revision of the design. I am really happy with these designs and the fact you can sit back and let the printer do most of the work is cool. This design was purely created with the size of the Ender 3 build plate in mind (220 x 220mm).


You can see this design in operation and the build on my YouTube channel. It works really well and now includes the modification to stop the yokes from turning past 90 degrees.


This file contains:

(1) STL's for all the individual parts for direct printing

(2) Fusion 360 Design files for modification


The contents are split into these folders:

38mm Frame Plans

Checklist holder

Dual Yoke Head for 75mm Pipe (PVC or Aluminum)

Dual Yoke Head from my original design 82mm Pipe

The Floor Plans

Pitch channel

Roll Channel Metal Gears

Roll Channel Complete Plastic build

Yokes (CPT & FO)


I have added the dedicated 75mm Yoke head files to this design. This file also includes both versions of the roll channel; Plastic and Metal files. You only need to print the files from one folder.


The build guides which include step by step process, Print Guide and Parts List can be found here:

These are still work in progress and will be updated as time allows. Please do not forget the online build guides shown on youtube for this channel.


Please remember this is built around a very simple 38mm square box section frame, that can not be printed. MDF and timber are also used for floor construction. 


Good Luck & Happy Building!


Helen & Karl


Complete Boeing 737 Dual Control Yoke Assembly Files


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