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I have spent years perfecting this design and pleased to say that I have finally achieved the desired outcome. I could replicate the parts accurately only after receiving real annunciators. It's important to note that these annunciators were specifically designed for use in the 737SS. Although smaller than my original 737 dual-seat annunciators, they can still be used in your simulator or customized to fit your needs. The lenses are precisely the same size as the actual 737 Boeing Korry units, and the outer case is dimensionally larger due to using resin instead of metal to create the parts.


A Dimension info PDF can be found here.


Each annunciator has a resin-printed cage to hold the units firmly. These units have many options and offer two tactile LEDs with push button capability. Three pins are used on the PCB for connection:


1) GND

2) Switch/Button

3) LED (please use a resistor)


I highly recommend using white LEDs and the coloured acrylic lens. Combined with a diffuser lens, this makes the unit pop when illuminated and gives a tremendous, even glow. 

The annunciators are available in the following options:


Fully Built (connect to sim and ready to go)

DIY Assemble (All parts, resin printed cases, electronic components and hardware (screws & Nuts), ready to be assembled by yourself. 

Lens Only (The coloured Lens and diffuser lens)

Lens & PCB (The coloured Lens, diffuser lens and bare PCB are supplied)

PCB Only (The bare PCB to enable you to create the remainder of the parts at home)

Custom Build (Please ensure you list the required text and colour of the annunciator)


The Parts & Build guide can be found here.


Master Caution/Fire Warning/Stab Out Of Trim Annunciator

PriceFrom £1.48