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Here are the available parts to create your awesome 737 Chrono/Clock.


Decal Plate

Created from 3mm white acrylic. Four layers of high-build primer and a final satin top coat prevent any unnecessary light bleed. The panel is laser etched to provide high-quality text and detail, and is fully backlightable compatible. 



This particular lens is tailor-made to fit seamlessly into the 737SS Chrono. It is crafted from high-quality 2mm clear acrylic and is meticulously shaped using a CO2 laser. Upon arrival, the lens has protective film on both sides to guarantee optimal optical clarity.



Crafted out of 3mm white acrylic, these four face panels enhance the external aesthetics with a touch of professionalism, unlike their 3D-printed counterparts. The panels undergo four layers of high-build primer and a final satin top coat to avoid any unwanted light leakages. Laser etching ensures immaculate text and intricate detailing while being fully compatible with backlighting. You can find this exquisite panel with a RAL7011 Satin finish.



Our product is designed to simplify your life. With all hard wiring connections completed on the board, you only need 16 external header pins to connect the unit to your Arduino. The PCB provides mounting for electrical components and is part of the clock structure itself supporting the backlighting and stepper motor and driver.


Complete Set


This includes all items listed above.


737 Chrono/Clock Parts

PriceFrom £1.23
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