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This design takes the 3d printed version one step further with high-quality finished parts. This product is created from 2 layers of laser-cut 3mm acrylic.  One layer is from clear acrylic, and the other is from frosted white acrylic.  The frosted acrylic is painted and laser engraved, which allows the panel to be fully back lightable. 


The complete panel includes a working magneto/starter switch created from a 3d printed case housing a 12-position rotary switch and a key barrel with two working keys.  The unit has 5 selectable positions and is spring-loaded to return the key from the start position. This can be purchased as a separate unit in the options.


The Panel also includes dummy breakers that are resin printed for a smooth finish. These can be self-printed if required using a standard 3d printer to help keep costs down. These CBs take a considerable amount of time to create due to printing three separate parts: spraying, text highlighting and assembly.


C172 Fuse Panel

PriceFrom £25