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These parts are for 737 DIY MCP and directly replace the 3D-printed faceplate. They offer that professional finish to take your project to the next level. This modification consists of a transparent 2mm backplate to which the encoders and bank angle rotary switch attach. A further 3mm white acrylic faceplate is finished in grey paint and laser etched to reveal that fabulous high-detail look.


There are now 2 versions available:

1) The KD2 button version

2) The 737DIYSIM MCP button version*


*The 737DIYSIM version has larger cutouts for the Korrys, and the text is removed from the around the buttons, as the text is now shown on the buttons.


These are fully liteflow compatible, but it would take a lot of extra modification to make this work. 

737 DIY MCP Faceplate Upgrade

    Pilot Spanner.jpg