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The new unit is now available on the webshop after a longer-than-expected revision process. To simplify things, the unit is based around a 75mm OD PVC Pipe, which was a highly requested change from the old 82mm version. 


The linear actuator has been removed to make things even simpler, and there is a comprehensive parts and build guide available with links to all the necessary parts. The unit has been built and tested by my Patreons. 


The roll channel has been improved thanks to the addition of up to 2 rotary dampers, while the yoke and Control head have also been modified. The Control head has been converted to a hall sensor for more accurate readings, and the base or pitch lane also uses a hall sensor. 


For now, please refer to the temporary build videos in the guide until the new YouTube version is released. All parts can be printed on a 220 x 220mm print bed. 


P.S. The Bambu Labs X1 can complete this design in just a few hours!